Press Release: New Dine and Go™ Reward Card From All Digital Rewards

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 18, 2019
Press Release: New Dine and Go™ Reward Card From All Digital Rewards

All Digital Rewards announces the launch of its newest VISA reward card product – Dine and Go™. The dining and entertainment reward card will satisfy a loyalty gifting niche.  Marketers looking to engage demographics in need of instant access to funds in support of their fun, excitement, and experiences habits can now offer Dine and Go™.  Brands can create lasting memories and build brand advocacy while adding to a participant’s life story. Dine and Go™ is available in a virtual or physical prepaid reward card product. Participants will enjoy easy access to dining, fast food, movies, golf, plays, theme parks, and much more.

“VISA reward cards are wonderful brand awareness and customer acquisition tools —Known revenue generators. It is our goal to help brands better engage demographics with more appropriate incentives – incentives that participants are truly interested in,” said Kathryn Felke, president, All Digital Rewards. “Understanding participant attitudes and buying preferences provides deeper insights that complement what marketing programs already know about their demographics, employees, and customers. With our knowledge of behavioral economics and understanding matching up relevant incentives to drive behavior, we can identify and define buyer attribute segments.  We help marketers leverage valuable insights into buyer behaviors within those segments, including how best to reach and engage them.”

For more information about All Digital Rewards new Dine and Go ™ VISA Reward Card, contact ADR at or 866-415-7703, Ext. 2

Download official press release HERE.