Get Results With Rewards And Incentives

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 13, 2019

You want to have the best performing employees. Every company does, but just signing a paycheck alone won’t be enough to get you there. Sure, you’ll have the occasional over-achiever, but for most employees, a paycheck is expected compensation for performing basic job functions and it will not connect at a psychological level. 

If you want to encourage people to exert extra effort you need to engage them. Employee engagement levels have been linked to increased revenue, retention, and performance. 

Despite this, you might be worrying that you’ll have to shell out massive bonuses to motivate your people. However, Increasing engagement doesn’t have to break the bank. Non-cash incentives such as merchandise, sweepstakes entries, and experiential rewards can go a long way in boosting employee motivation levels. With the right incentive program, you can turn your employees into team members. 

Incentive programs can create feelings of belonging and increase worker satisfaction. Earning rewards or points for a reward marketplace can give employees a definitive way to measure their performance and drive them to work harder. Produce exceptional results in your companies ROI. Through creating a feeling of belonging among your staff you can instill a sense of company pride in your workforce and increase commitment and teamwork. 

How do you go about executing a super engaging incentive program? There are several components to this. You need to find out what rewards will motivate the behaviors you’re looking for. You need to plan out how you will create, manage, and monitor your incentive program. You’ll also want to decide if you will do everything in-house, or if you’ll outsource to an incentive provider.

With a good incentive program management and technology company, you can quickly and easily have a fully customized incentive program at your fingertips. Sales incentives, virtual visa cards, loyalty program platforms, rebate management systems, instant win game applications… all this and more can be implemented into your new incentive program. 

For over a decade, All Digital Rewards has worked to create the best incentive program technology and solutions for clients in a myriad of industries. ADR invests in the technology and personnel resources necessary to drive success for our partners and provide relevant products for participants. Our reward technology, to include reward delivery systems, sweepstakes technology, reward management platforms, can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs. Additionally, we are a Visa prepaid card provider and have an ever-expanding catalog of gift cards, merchandise, and experiential rewards. 

All Digital Rewards is your one-stop for the incentive program you never knew you always needed. We offer better Solutions, not bigger solutions. Let us provide your organization with access to a world-class reward portfolio, a talented team to help design, develop, strategize, implement and manage your incentive and prepaid programs. You’ll be supported by a cloud-based, innovative technology platform, go-to-market expertise, extensive reward incentive partner relationships, and the most brilliant minds in the business. Contact our incentive program experts today by calling 866-415-7703  or click the “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!