Choose The Dine and Go™ Prepaid Card For Your Incentive Program

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 27, 2019
Choose The Dine and Go™ Prepaid Card For Your Incentive Program

The Dine and Go™ Prepaid Card

Choosing the right rewards for your incentive programs are one of the most important steps in creating an incentive program. With a strong knowledge of behavioral economics and understanding matching up relevant incentives to drive behavior, we can identify and define demographics and choose the right rewards and incentives. Whether it’s a program focusing on health and wellness program, customer acquisition programs, channel sales incentive plans, rebates, employee recognition, or customer loyalty, it has been shown consistently that cash-equivalents are a favorite among incentive program

Our research has shown that Millennials (Generation Y) and New Silent (Generation Z) participants are looking for dining and entertainment reward card incentives that will support the local establishment in the communities they live in. All Digital Rewards created the Dine and Go™ Visa® Reward Card to do just that. Participants can now use this custom card incentive program at their local restaurants, bars and entertainment. Gone are the days of having to issue big box restaurant gift cards.

Why Reward Cards?

Reward cards are wonderful brand awareness and customer acquisition tools and known revenue generators. These cards are popular because of their ease of use, perceived value, and universal acceptance. Additionally, incentive programs that use prepaid cards for their rewards show significantly higher levels of engagement among their participants.

Benefits of Reward Cards

Reward cards offer the benefits of ease of delivery, high perceived value, and universal acceptability. Working with highly effective prepaid reward card prize incentive companies will give you access to extensive card offerings, to include visa virtual rewards codes, physical cards, and gift card rewards.

Reward Card features to look for

Look for a provider who offers both batch and bulk visa prepaid cards ordering options. Bulk ordering gives you the convenience of flexible order fields, real-time ordering, single or multi-shipping locations. Batch ordering allows for advanced mapping when onboarding new clients, report on unique fields, and flexibility when it comes to ordering quantity. You will also want to have a visa prepaid card rewards provider who can create fully customized and branded rewards cards for your company’s incentive program. Additionally, you prepaid card program should be supported by sophisticated rewards management software.

Choose All Digital Rewards Dine And Go™

With our partnership with Visa® All Digital Rewards can offer a wide variety of prepaid cards that can be fully branded and personalized to meet your company’s needs. This includes our newest Visa® reward card product offering: Dine and Go™ reward card. With our Dine and Go™ Reward card you can go beyond traditional prepaid reward cards. Dine and Go™ is available in a virtual or physical prepaid reward card product and can be used by participants for easy access to dining, fast food, movies, golf, plays, theme parks, and much more. The Dine and Go™ card also plays on people’s enthusiasm for experiential rewards. People love cash, they love merchandise, but above all, they love experiences. The Dine and Go™ combines their desires for cash and experiences, giving you a perfect addition to your incentive program. Our new Dine and Go™ prepaid card is sure to be a leading incentive reward choice, alongside our other prepaid reward cards. All Digital Rewards has an extensive offering of prepaid reward products, such as; custom branded prepaid reward cards, VISA physical and Virtual Reward Cards, top name brand gift cards, merchandise, digital rewards and experiential reward offerings that can meet your company’s incentive program goals. To learn more about Dine and Go™ or to find out about our other offerings, give the prepaid card experts a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!