Live Well Reward ™ Card – Health Reward Card backed by VISA

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 11, 2018

Health and wellness incentive programs have been proven to be an effective way to create a healthier, more productive workplace. One of the most popular ways to reward health and wellness program participants are with Health Benefit Cards ie. prepaid rewards cards. These cards are popular because of their ease of use, perceived value, and universal acceptance. Additionally, health and wellness incentive programs that use prepaid cards for their rewards show high levels of engagement amongst participants. A quality health and wellness incentive rewards program management company can create fully customized and branded rewards cards for your company’s health and wellness incentive program.

At All Digital Rewards, we recognize and appreciate your commitment to improving your participant’s health and wellness. With our Live Well Reward ™ card you can go beyond traditional health reward cards. Live Well Reward ™ cards allow you to reward your health and wellness program participants as they complete program objectives, such as check-ups, screenings, or wellness visits. Each time participants complete their objectives, cash will be added to their Live Well Reward ™ card, which they can then spend like using a debit card.

We partner with Visa® to offer a wide variety of prepaid cards that can be fully branded and personalized to meet your company’s needs.

The reward card will be delivered by mail to your participant with a pre-paid balance on the card. As the participant engages in health habits and other activities outlined in your company’s health and wellness program, the balance on their Living Well Reward ™ card automatically increases. Your participants can use the card at a number of different qualifying locations as well as in an online marketplace. The online marketplace included a variety of different qualifying purchases, such as personal care items, household goods, baby care items, food and fresh groceries, and other everyday items. Your employee can use their Living Well Reward ™ card over and over again as they gain more rewards through their participation in your company’s health and wellness program.

All Digital Rewards is a leading incentive prepaid card and program provider.  With our vast experience, we can help you seamlessly integrate the Live Well Reward ™ card into your company’s health and wellness rewards program. Our Visa-backed Live Well Reward ™ cards can be branded with your company’s logos and artwork. We pride ourselves in being able to meet all your rewards program needs. Our Live Well Reward ™ cards will be delivered to your program’s participants within 90 days, fully branded and customized, with your participants first bonus reward already loaded onto the card. We offer bulk custom, personalized prepaid debit cards delivered as a physical reward card at an event, in a mailer, or virtually online.

The next step in creating your custom branded Live Well Reward ™ card is to contact our experts at All Digital Rewards. Our health and wellness experts are standing by to answer all your questions about using a health reward card in your company’s health and wellness incentive program. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide advanced technology reward management solutions and systems to manage your program reward offerings. ADR’s products and services allow you to quickly and effectively reward participants online and off. The experts at ADR can help you create the ideal health and wellness program for your company. Give our Health and Wellness Reward Program experts a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!