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What are the Differences Between Prepaid Card Types & Uses

Most people know that prepaid cards are incredibly popular for various types of reward programs and more. However, you may not be aware of all the different types and uses there are for prepaid cards. Most cards either fall into Open Loop Cards or Closed Loop Cards. Open Loop Cards can be used nearly anywhere. […]

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Use This Engagement Strategy To Build A Thriving Market Research Panel

Everyone’s heard cash is king. Who doesn’t want free money? Market research panel programs tend to choose cash-based rewards for their panelists for this very reason. However, if you want higher recruitment, engagement, and retention, cash-based incentives may not be your best choice. Cash-based rewards programs require the panelist to complete a task, then the […]

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Live Well Reward ™ Card – Health Reward Card backed by VISA

Health and wellness incentive programs have been proven to be an effective way to create a healthier, more productive workplace. One of the most popular ways to reward health and wellness program participants are with Health Benefit Cards ie. prepaid rewards cards. These cards are popular because of their ease of use, perceived value, and […]

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Visa® Prepaid Card Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Visa® prepaid incentive cards can help your company drive efficiency and lower costs.  If you are currently using checks to reward your customers imagine being able to save thousands of hours in processing time and lowering costs by more than 30%.  You will also decrease the payment and delivery time thus making your clients happier […]

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