All Digital Rewards Achieves HITRUST Certification, Enhancing Healthcare Data Security and Compliance

BY Lucy Fang
Jun 15, 2023
Press Release Image - All Digital Rewards Achieves HITRUST Certification, Enhancing Healthcare Data Security and Compliance

All Digital Rewards Acquires HITRUST Certification – Scottsdale, Arizona, June 15, 2023

All Digital Rewards, a leading provider of digital incentive and reward platforms, has achieved HITRUST certification. This accomplishment underscores the company’s dedication to healthcare data security, compliance, and risk management.

HITRUST certification is a following of industry-recommended controls and regulations, including HIPAA, to protect sensitive healthcare information. All Digital Rewards has successfully met the strict standards set forth by HITRUST certification, in particular, demonstrating its dedication to protecting clients’ data and reducing technology risks.

As a provider of incentive and reward solutions to healthcare organizations, All Digital Rewards recognizes the critical importance of data security and privacy. The HITRUST certification confirms the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest information technology and security standards. By achieving this HITRUST certification, All Digital Rewards further establishes itself as a trusted partner for healthcare providers seeking a secure and compliant incentive and reward platform.

Data Security is the Future of Wellness

“We are delighted to receive HITRUST certification, which stresses our constant pursuit of excellence in healthcare data security,” said Kathryn Felke, President at All Digital Rewards. “This achievement mirrors our unwavering commitment to our client’s privacy and data protection needs. The certification also instills the utmost confidence in our clients that we handle their sensitive information with the highest level of security and compliance.”

The HITRUST process, additionally, included a complete risk assessment and evaluation of information security controls and policies. It ensures the company for example has robust risk management protocols, including regular audits, vulnerability scans, and incident response plans. By actively managing potential risks, All Digital Rewards positions itself to provide a secure and trusted environment for its clients’ valuable data with its certification.

With this HITRUST certification, All Digital Rewards further strengthens its position as a leader in the incentive and reward industry. Offering secure and compliant solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare organizations. The company’s platform aids healthcare providers to efficiently manage incentive programs and ensures strict regulatory requirements. Providing for the utmost data protection.

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About All Digital Rewards and HITRUST Certification

All Digital Rewards is a trusted provider, offering a platform. It enables organizations to engage and reward effectively. With a focus on security and compliance. Empowering businesses to enhance performance.

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