Channel Partner Programs FAQs

What type of program support can a channel partner incentive and reward management system provide?

A system solution should ideally support product rebates, and or sales-driven claim functions. A standard technology setup includes program/campaign set up, enrollment, file and data management claim processing, validation, quality assurance, program communication, and reporting. A highly functioning solution provides a fully integrated experience delivering a B2B2B2C high-level hierarchical organizational program set up to deliver real-time analytics and reporting as well as the reward issuance and fulfillment.

How does a Channel Partner “Learn to Earn” reward training program work?

Companies use spot rewards to generate more sales in low sales volume territories, during seasonal timeframes, etc. as an incentive to increase sales.

How can a spot reward influence a Channel Partner program?

A good example of how a program can use out “Learn to Earn” begins with a company collecting educational information they would like to educate a qualified population with – the technology service provider loads in the system with the targeted questions and answers. The user performs an “action” (enrolls, claims and sale, provides feedback, etc.) in the system and a question is posed to the user. The program helps in educating employees, especially in high turnover industries. The purpose is to educate participants on new products being launched and to reinforce company’s mission/vision. If the user answers the question correctly – They receive a reward such as digital movie download, entered in sweepstakes, issued bonus points, eGift card. The premise of of the “Learn to Earn” feature in a program is to be a positive reinforcement of what stakeholders want participants to know about their products and services. Questions are entirely hinged on product-specific details and are presented during the claim process, so the system is less prone to gaming.

What is an example of localized, regionalized “spot” incentive for specific products and sales activities in Channel Partner promotions?

Rewards and sales claim activities are targeted to increase competition and or sales in participant tiers, geographic tiers, volume sale tiers, products sold, highest percentage of increase per volume group, etc.

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