Using Incentives to Create a Holistic Health and Wellness Program

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 18, 2020
Using Incentives to create a Holistic Health and Wellness Program

Health and wellness programs are more important than ever. The success of these programs requires more than just good ideas. More than half of all US companies have some sort of health and wellness programs, but there’s a clear decider between the successful and the unsuccessful programs. 

An article from Fast Company reviewed various health and wellness programs and found that successful wellness programs should be holistic in nature, taking into account every aspect of an employee’s wellness, to include the time when they aren’t at work. Including wellness incentives helps make this possible.

With a health and wellness incentive program participants are rewarded for desired health and wellness behaviors. Points-based incentive programs lend themselves well to health incentive programs. For example, participants in a points-based health program could earn points for activities such as putting together a meal plan with a nutritionist, participating in a health screening, attending a company yoga class, setting up mental health sessions, using a step counter to monitor their steps, etc. Those points can then be redeemed in a rewards marketplace for merchandise, gift cards, and other rewards.

It’s worth getting your wellness program right. Implementing effective measures will help your bottom line. For example, Johnson & Johnson gave pedometers to their employees and saw a decrease in absences and lower healthcare costs. A report from the Health Affairs journal found that every dollar spent on wellness programs decreases medical costs by about $3.27 — a substantial return on investment. 

Wellness programs are only effective if people participate in them. With a quality incentive program with the right technology to back it up, a health and wellness program can hit maximum effectiveness. All Digital Rewards specializes in incentive technology and rewards. 

We recommend using our state-of-the-art technology and take advantage of our extensive rewards portfolio. Health and wellness programs can reward participants with brand name gift cards, virtual and physical Visa® prepaid cards, dining and entertainment rewards, merchandise, experiential, digital rewards, and opportunities for instant win games.

All Digital Rewards offers innovative incentive solutions that are scalable, flexible, and customizable for your health and wellness program needs. Our technology can be integrated into third-party partnerships, existing health care portals, or operate externally to existing CRMs.

All Digital Rewards can help you increase participation in programs and activities by encouraging the creation of personal health profiles, health risk assessment, biometric screening, vaccines, and or participants seeing their doctor annually.

Features of our health and wellness solutions include: 

  • Seamless Experience
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reporting
  • Eco-System Integration
  • Incentive Payout Processing
  • Integrated Issuance Technology
  • Best of Class Reward Portfolio
  • Reward in Real-time
  • Validation and Quality Control
  • Dynamic Architecture
  • PCI and HIPPA Compliant Security
  • Agile API

Our RewardSTACK™ and Points-Based Program are excellent applications for the health and wellness programs. If you would like to set up a holistic health and wellness incentive program, contact All Digital Rewards to learn more about how we can help you make your program successful and to schedule a Demo.