The importance of the right technology when offering cash-equivalent incentives

BY Lucy Fang
Oct 23, 2020
The importance of the right technology when offering cash-equivalent incentives

The right technology when offering cash-equivalent incentives

Gift cards and prepaid cards, such as “Visa® and Mastercard® virtual card options and physical prepaid cards, are popular choices for incentive programs. These can be effective for employee motivation, digital rebate center rewards, b2b2c programs, market research rewards, sales incentive solutions, channel partner solutions, and more. One thing that is important when offering cash equivalent incentives such as prepaid cards, gift cheque rewards, or gift cards is the technology supporting your reward fulfillment and incentive program management. 

Why the Right Incentive Payment Technology Matters

Suppose you’re offering rebates to your customers and you want them to be able to redeem their rebate cards online. You’ll want to make certain that you have the technology to support your digital rebate center. Or, let’s say you want to use prepaid cards for your employee incentive programs. You want to make sure your redemption site makes it easy for them to understand how to activate Visa® prepaid card rewards, or perhaps you’ll want them to be able to access a  prepaid Mastercard® virtual account. In either case, your program participants will be happiest when there is an easy means for them to receive what’s been promised to them. 

You could handle everything by mail, but in today’s climate, your organization will end up looking backward and out of touch. Similarly, when you are dealing with Millenials and Gen Zs, who are used to having the best that technology has to offer, if your redemption sites are not up to their standards, your incentive program could end up doing more harm than good. 

What All Digital Rewards Has to Offer

When you need a customizable solution that fits your needs and has the flexibility to adjust to changing program demands, All Digital Rewards is the right choice. All Digital Rewards has an extensive offering of prepaid products and technology for incentive and reward programs that can meet your company’s stakeholders’ incentive payout goals. Whether you are looking to provide solutions that reward or provide an incentive for your employees, add new customers, or increase the loyalty of existing users, our prepaid card solution will work best for you.


  • Open loop and Closed Loop
  • Standard, Semi-Custom, Custom 
  • Reloadable – Virtual and Physical 
  • Name Brand Gift Cards from over 300+ popular stores 
  • Merchant Restricted Access 
  • Visa® and Mastercard® 
  • Virtual and Physical Prepaid Reward Card
  •  Multiple Cards Per Card Carrier 
  • Multiple Inserts Per Envelope

At All Digital Rewards we understand that the right incentive payout and processing solution is the one that best meets your corporate objectives and can be rapidly implemented. Our Platform technology is ready to issue and manage rebate processing, points-based consumer and sales programs, bulk reward delivery, sweepstake promotions and more.

For incentive program success, take advantage of All Digital Rewards’ reward program management software, SaaS with RewardSTACK™ and simultaneously support multiple reward and incentive programs with the click of a mouse. While our real-time reward management solution functions as a turnkey modular platform, it can be customized and tailored to accommodate individual client and project needs, deploying thousands of rewards in over 150 countries, and supported by industry-leading reporting and analytics.

For more information on how our prepaid options, gift card mall, and SaaS platform applications that support them can benefit your incentive program initiatives, call 866-415-7703 now or click on the button below to schedule a demo.