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Tag: virtual incentives

Are E-Gift Codes What is Missing From Your Incentive Program?

Incentive programs drive behaviors and improve ROI. Incentive programs have become more popular every year and the options available are growing constantly. Whether for a health and wellness program, channel sales, employee recognition, loyalty, or something else, it’s worth considering upgrading your reward offerings. If you aren’t already offering them, prepaid cards and gift cards […]

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Why your channel strategy should include introducing new incentive technology

Whether you’re starting your first channel sales incentive program, or your company has been using an incentive program for years, choosing the right technology is essential to your success. Does your current incentive management software adequately support your channel marketing strategy? Does it have enough incentives for sales team members to choose from such as […]

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Incentives In a Changing World

The world is changing, and with it, the way we conduct business is changing as well. Companies are seeking new methods of customer acquisition. Employee recognition ideas are a high priority. Sales incentives are becoming more common as part of channel marketing strategy. Virtual incentive options are being sought out.  You can spend thousands on […]

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Why You Need Virtual Incentives For Your Rewards Program

Virtual rewards are a fantastic, bordering on necessary, incentive for any rewards program. Why do virtual visa prepaid cards, digital gift card rewards, e-code redemptions, and other virtual rewards continue to dominate incentive rewards programs? Because whether they’re used for sales incentives, customer incentives, health and wellness, market research programs, or something else altogether, they […]

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Gift Cards and Virtual Incentives For Your 2020 Rewards Programs

Virtual incentives and gift cards rewards are really popular with incentives and rewards users. It’s easy to see why. Incentive gift cards give in Virtual rewards, like digital prepaid cards, can be used almost immediately and gives a sense of instant gratification. Virtual visa prepaid cards are emailed to the recipient immediately through the All […]

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How To Massively Increase Your Channel Sales Program’s Success

Whether you have the best or the worst Channel sales partners, a rewards program can go a long way to improving your participants’ and partners’ performance. Good Channel sales incentive plans will be cost-effective, enticing to your participants, have the right reward offerings, and give you a quality return on investment. When you are are […]

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