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Use Gift Cards For Channel Sales Success

How effective are gift cards in improving channel sales incentive programs participation? Gift card incentives are staples of incentive marketplaces and are highly recommended by channel partner incentive vendors. The Incentive Research Foundation’s quarterly academic review from fall 2019 reviewed the effectiveness of gift cards in incentive programs and found that Gift cards are one […]

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How To Massively Increase Your Channel Sales Program’s Success

Whether you have the best or the worst Channel sales partners, a rewards program can go a long way to improving your participants’ and partners’ performance. Good Channel sales incentive plans will be cost-effective, enticing to your participants, have the right reward offerings, and give you a quality return on investment. When you are are […]

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A Corporate Health and Wellness Program’s Secret Weapon: Incentives

Creating a company health and wellness program is a fantastic way to raise work performance, company morale, and lower healthcare costs. When a health and wellness plan is strategically organized and implemented, it can increase your sales, reduce employee absences, and lower workers’ comp/disability costs.  An effective health and wellness program requires high levels of […]

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