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Common Failings With Market Research Reward Programs

Common Market Research Reward Program Failings Market research rewards are a common way of motivating, recruiting, and retaining panelists. However, there are some common pitfalls that can result in program failures. Here are some to watch out for. Not Knowing Your Demographics Your demographics make a difference in what kind of rewards you will want […]

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Top 4 Market Research Panel Recruitment Incentives and Strategies

Market research recruitment promotions are essential to getting new panelists. The rewards you use to incentivize your market research participants can make a massive difference in your promotion’s success. Digital rewards, cash-based rewards, and leveraging recognized brands, can be incredibly effective in recruiting market research survey panelists.  There are two important questions to ask when […]

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Cash-Based Incentives Your Market Research Panel Will Love

Cash-Based Incentives For Your Market Research Panel Market research incentive programs are a staple when motivating your market research panelists. You can use an incentive program to maximize response rates from your market research panel, increase motivation, improve recruiting, and to create a positive culture. Choosing the right rewards and incentives ensures that your panelists […]

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