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Tools to Build Loyalty: The ABCs of a Good Loyalty Program

Businesses lose 50 percent of their customers roughly every five years according to the Harvard Business Review. 38% of marketers say their biggest 2015 challenge was improving customer acquisition and retention (TeraData). Companies know they are having trouble retaining their customers. So how can we fix it? That’s where All Digital Rewards comes into play. We seek to help you build a better brand by using our unique platform. Help your customers get the information they seek by quicker, more efficient means. First off, understanding the audience is key to any major business move. Who are you trying to sell to? What service can you offer them that would benefit their lives? For example, you would not be successful selling the latest social networking site to a demographic of 60 plus, would you? Understand who will have the buying power and how you can make their life easier. Make it your goal to actually help the customer, not just sell your product. Now that you know who you are aiming towards, planning recruitment and retention objectives are next. What are the tactics you will use to gain customers and keep them? The ideas for drawing customers in are only as […]

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Cash: Do You Really Need It? We Can Help You Decide

Do you remember that special birthday where you were given some cash inside a card you never read?  Do you really remember who gave it to you?  Would it be a fair guess that you would rather have had something other than THAT?  Something where you knew they were thinking of you or at least trying to think of you.  It just seemed like a last minute gift or a cop out?  Maybe even “cheap”? It’s a well-known saying and cliché, “Cash is King”.  We all love a roll of bills in our pocket or the check that arrives in the mail.  We even get excited to receive that PIN number to activate a virtual prepaid card online.  Why?  Generally, it is because of instant gratification and has a known or expected quality.  Yes, the check usually takes a few to several weeks to arrive.  Yes, the virtual prepaid card cannot usually be used for fuel, paying bills, or in the grocery store, but it’s there for other things. So why, in today’s world where most loyalty programs based on cash incentives, are they struggling to keep their end-users engaged and performing?  One word: emotions.  Just like the introduction above, […]

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