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Gift Cards and Virtual Incentives For Your 2020 Rewards Programs

Virtual incentives and gift cards rewards are really popular with incentives and rewards users. It’s easy to see why. Incentive gift cards give in Virtual rewards, like digital prepaid cards, can be used almost immediately and gives a sense of instant gratification. Virtual visa prepaid cards are emailed to the recipient immediately through the All […]

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These are the Top Market Research Panel Incentive Program Essentials

Panel loyalty programs are an essential part of market research. These programs increase research firms’ panelist retention, panelist acquisition programs, and survey frequency, making them foundational in increasing the revenue and profitability of research firms. When implemented effectively, market research panel incentive programs can build brand advocacy and increase the lifetime value of the panelists. […]

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Why Your Next Incentive Program Needs Virtual Rewards

The best sales incentive plans, rebate incentives, customer incentive programs, and health and wellness incentive programs will almost always offer some form of virtual rewards. An important consideration is the time-frame of a virtual reward. A virtual prize is an incentive reward that is awarded immediately as a reward for an action or an event […]

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Plan For The Best Sales Incentive Program

The best sales incentive plans are simple, flexible, easy to administer, easy to monitor and improve, have low overhead costs, and bring about measurable results. Most companies use their sales incentive plans as a way to reward their sales force for their efforts on behalf of the company. The sales incentive plan should help promote […]

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The Effectiveness of Gift Cards As Incentives

Gift cards are commonly found in incentive marketplaces, but how effective are they really? In the Incentive Research Foundation’s fall 2019 issue of their quarterly academic review, they reviewed the effectiveness of gift cards in incentive programs. Gift cards are one of the best representations of non-cash Rewards, and carry all of the benefits typically […]

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Choose The Dine and Go™ Prepaid Card For Your Incentive Program

Choosing the right rewards for your incentive programs are one of the most important steps in creating an incentive program. With a strong knowledge of behavioral economics and understanding matching up relevant incentives to drive behavior, we can identify and define demographics and choose the right rewards and incentives. Whether it’s a program focusing on […]

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