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Tag: Customer Experience

Case Study: Cash Vs Blended Incentive Model: What Performs Better?

The following is a case study regarding a leading global market research company’s incentive reward program.  They own and operate multiple research panels that deploy different incentives and delivery mechanisms to recruit, engage and retain panelists for research projects and programs.  They actively engage millions of members with various client projects and programs.   They have […]

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Personally Engage your Customers

Only 28% of consumers are loyal to their providers and brands. Now more than ever, companies are struggling to retain customers and have them returning time after time. With customer experience being the big ticket word, companies forget that part of the customer experience is engaging the customer and making them feel important. Brand loyalty […]

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Find Out Now, What Should You Do For Fast Engagement Online?

People are engaging in products and services more than they ever have. What is the number one site people visit if they have a question? Google! Companies struggle to engage these active consumers and reach out on the multiple platforms available. So, the real question is, how do you engage users online when you don’t […]

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How to Earn Customers Back After a Poor Experience

Poor customer experiences (CX) are detrimental to a company’s reputation and sales. There is hope thanks to a new customer experience survey from the SDL. This study consisted of a survey of 2,784 consumers across nine countries and three generations, asking them about their most major CX failure in the last 10 years. In the […]

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