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Tag: Channel partner incentive programs

The Secret to your Channel Sales Strategy Success

The Secret to Channel Sales Strategy Success Engaging and motivating your channel partner sales team and getting them excited about your products and services is a crucial aspect of your channel marketing strategy to generate sales, customers, and new leads! Channel partner incentive programs are an excellent way to motivate your channel partners, boost profitability, […]

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Why You Need Virtual Incentives For Your Rewards Program

Virtual rewards are a fantastic, bordering on necessary, incentive for any rewards program. Why do virtual visa prepaid cards, digital gift card rewards, e-code redemptions, and other virtual rewards continue to dominate incentive rewards programs? Because whether they’re used for sales incentives, customer incentives, health and wellness, market research programs, or something else altogether, they […]

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How to Guarantee Successful Sales Incentive Programs

Guarantee Successful Sales Incentive Programs If your company relies on a network of channel partners who play an integral role in bringing your products and services to market, you need to address a number of partner management needs that are unique and diverse. You may have looked at or are already using channel partner incentive […]

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Channel Partner Reward Program Statistics

Program Statistics Your channel partner program incentives are crucial to the success of your channel sales partnerships. A study from the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) showed that 43% of businesses use a non-cash channel rewards program, and 81% of the top-performing companies had non-cash reward programs. These non-cash programs showed a 32% increase in total […]

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What to Look For When Comparing Channel Partner Incentive Program Technology Providers

Channel partner incentive programs are nothing new. An incentive program is highly indicative of your channel partner program’s success. A good channel partner program can increase product adoption, improve relationships with channel partners, and bring a strong return on investment. Despite the clear benefits of a channel partner incentive program, many companies worry about the […]

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