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Increase Channel ROI with the Right Sales Incentive Program

BY Lucy Fang
Nov 20, 2023
Case Study - How to increase sales with a channel partner program

Common Channel Partner Program Challenge

No matter how popular your Channel Partner Program is, if your customers don’t understand your product and it’s not a cost-effective incentive program, you won’t make a good return on you’re investment. Partners and internal sales teams need to sell the right products at the right time AND produce the profit margins you desire – if their not you’ll need to look around for some ideas that make sense to improve your Channel Partner Sales Incentive Program.

How to Increase Sales with a Channel Partner Incentive Program

This case study illustrates how to increase sales by implementing a highly responsive channel partner sales overlay program that increased participant engagement while educating participants, using interactive games, and issuing sought-after reward incentives as part of a promotional sales claim process. The case study illustrates the promotion outcome after the conclusion of three similarly situated overlay promotions over eighteen months.

The current promotion was not performing, and the company selected All Digital Rewards to re-launch the channel program. It was essential to consider the following when creating impletmenting the new incentive program:

  • How the promotion had previously been conducted.
  • Changes made should not confuse the participants.
  • Not lose the component participants had enjoyed – the rewards.
  • Participants needed to be educated on Company’s products in order to sell them sucessfully.

To lean more about how All Digital Rewards helped this company, simply download the Case Study by providing the required information or contact us today for more information on how we can customize a Channel Partner Incentive Program