How To Increase Health and Wellness Program Participation With The Right Rewards and Incentives

BY Lucy Fang
Feb 12, 2021
How To Increase Health and Wellness Program Participation With The Right Rewards & Incentives

The impact a health and wellness employee incentive program has on staff performance and overall health is astronomical! At insurance company Aflac, 61% of employees agree that they’ve made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program. 91% of staff at companies that have programs supporting health and wellness efforts say they feel motivated to do their best. In the last year, health and wellness has been shown to be more important than ever, which comes with even more pressure to make sure these programs are successful. A key thing influencing the success of wellness programs is the reward selections being offered in the health and wellness incentive program.

The question is, how do you know which incentives and rewards will drive healthier outcomes and better participation? We’ve compiled a few important elements you need to know when choosing incentives and rewards for your health and wellness program:

Know Your Audience

The first key is to know your audience. A huge factor to consider when crafting or maintaining a wellness program for a company and employees is what demographics make up your workforce. Knowing this information will help you and your reward provider choose products that will engage participants and increase healthier behavioral outcomes. Without this knowledge, the selected  incentives and rewards may not fit your demographics, which may result in a lack of excitement from the participants, which will cause a decline of program participation.

Know Your Budget

Another essential thing to consider is the budget for the rewards you plan to offer. This is an important factor when selecting the right incentive for your program participants. Find an incentive and reward provider that works well within your budget, has the ability to offer an array of options, not just 5-10 items, the technology to deliver and is able to provide the necessary reporting you’ll need. Also, a helpful tip to remember is that “it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much you save” mentality. Participants almost always are willing to work a little harder to redeem a little more because they aren’t spending their own cash for these rewards.

Know What’s Trending

You need to know is what are the top trending reward items. Keeping up with current trends is vital. Your reward provider should have extensive knowledge of what products are doing well with today’s current trends and what isn’t. Offering trendy items in your program’s reward offerings and consistently updating them shows that your program is and will stay relevant.

Know Why Rewards Matter

Incentive rewards are an essential component when running a successful health and wellness program. They play a vital role in combating declining workforce satisfaction trends. In 1987 a U.S. employee satisfaction rate was 61%, in 2010 a mere 45% were satisfied with their job. Today, 61% of the U.S. population state that they are burned out on their job. – CareerBuilder

Don’t let these unfavorable satisfaction statistics affect your next health and wellness program initiative. Creating a successful health and wellness program requires the assistance of an incentive reward provider that has experience in boosting office morale, health, and performance! All Digital Rewards has spent the last ten years assisting companies with top performing incentives and rewards. 

A Few Top Health and Wellness Incentive Program Reward Offerings include: 

  • Sweepstakes Games
  • Movie and Food Codes
  • Fitness Trackers & Health items
  • Electronics
  • Household Items

At All Digital Rewards, our team of experts offer tailored employee wellness programs, extensive reward and incentive offerings, and the technology platforms necessary for delivery and the analytics to measure performance. Our job is to work with you to create, build, and manage a successful health and wellness program! Give us a call today at 866.415.7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below to speak with an Employee Health and Wellness professional!