How To Gain & Keep Good Employees During The Great Resignation

BY Lucy Fang
Aug 14, 2021

The old saying was, “Good help is hard to find.” Today, the saying could easily change to “Any help is hard to find.” A recent survey by Korn Ferry showed that of the 50 major US retailers surveyed, over 90% admitted to having at least some difficulty hiring new employees, with over 60% admitting to moderate to significant challenges. Almost every store you go to has a “Hiring Now” or “Help Wanted” sign in their window. On top of that, millions of workers are quitting their jobs. In April alone, there were over 4 million workers who quit their jobs. Many news outlets are referring to this as the Great Resignation. This is particularly true among workers who have been allowed to work remotely during the pandemic but are now being forced back into the office. 

The question many companies are asking themselves is: “How do I attract workers while keeping the ones I already have?”

Although the answer may not be the same for every company, there are some key things that will help, and since this is an All Digital Rewards blog, you can be sure it will include rewards programs.

Keep Remote Work As An Option

Although this won’t work for every business, allowing remote work to be an option for employees will increase the odds of them staying with your company. Additionally, when hiring, remote work allows you to draw from a much broader range of potential employees instead of being stuck with whoever is available locally. Some concerns companies have about remote work are productivity and engagement, but with good strategies in place, these can be dealt with. For example, a points-based rewards program can help improve both productivity and engagement among employees.

Put A Little Fun Into It

Employee engagement is key both for your current workforce and for those coming in. There is no reason you can’t make work more fun without sacrificing productivity. Don’t get me wrong, an employee bounce house, talent show, or picnic is great, but you don’t have to go that far to make things fun. Using gamification work can become play. Consider instant win games, sweepstakes, and points-based reward programs. These can create excitement, bring out some healthy competition, and get employees motivated to do their best. Keep in mind, that you should make sure there are attainable rewards at every level, so all employees feel engaged, not just you top performers. 

Get Your Managers Involved

A Gallup poll showed that employees whose managers help them set goals were far more engaged. By impressing upon your managers the importance of setting performance goals with their employees, you will improve engagement. You can also reward employees who complete their goals, and reward managers whose teams reach goals. This also can become a selling point when hiring new employees. 

Show You Care

These days, employees care about more than just how much money they make. They want to know that the place they work at cares about them and causes that matter to them. There are lots of ways you can do this. It can be anything from organizing a run for charity, setting up a health and wellness program for your employees, or making a point of implementing company policies that support diverse hiring practices, inclusion, safety, environmentalism, health and more! Take the time to find out what matters to your employees, then show them it matters to you too.

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