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Tag: Employee Retention

How To Gain & Keep Good Employees During The Great Resignation

The old saying was, “Good help is hard to find.” Today, the saying could easily change to “Any help is hard to find.” A recent survey by Korn Ferry showed that of the 50 major US retailers surveyed, over 90% admitted to having at least some difficulty hiring new employees, with over 60% admitting to […]

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How Incentive Programs Can Save Your Business Millions

Incentive programs are everywhere. Companies use them to increase customer loyalty, promote corporate health and wellness, and to increase productivity, but one other use incentives can have is to increase employee retention.  It’s no secret that companies want to retain their employees, but many companies don’t understand how expensive losing employees actually can be.  The […]

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What 2020 Has Taught Us About Incentives

The  Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) recently released a study on employees’ reward and recognition preferences. This study included around 1500 full-time employees from various backgrounds and demographics. The respondents were given 24 different reward options to rank according to preference. The biggest takeaway from this? When it comes to rewards and incentives, one size does […]

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The Key To Retention: Incentives

Use incentives to increase retention. Whether it’s your sales force, partners, research panel participants, or employees, retention is an important part of your company’s strategy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2018, 15.5% of workers chose to quit their jobs, with Millennial workers making up half of those who quit. There are lots […]

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7 Workplace Wellness Trends for 2017

Corporate health and wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular in today’s workforce due to the realization of how beneficial these programs really are. Employees are encouraged to become more mindful about their health and gain so much by harnessing this healthy lifestyle. Companies reap the benefits from these workplace wellness programs by lowered healthcare costs, […]

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