Fully Utilize Health And Wellness Incentive Technology

BY Lucy Fang
Apr 09, 2022
Fully Utilize Health And Wellness Incentive Technologys ADR Blog

Corporate health and wellness programs often offer prepaid cards and other digital rewards, usually delivered through a points-based system. Participants can receive points in exchange for health program-related behaviors. These points serve as a form of online currency that can be redeemed for prepaid cards, digital rewards, gift cards, experiential rewards, and merchandise. However, to make use of these types of rewards, a robust health and wellness technology platform is essential. 

When comparing health and wellness program technologies, it is easy to see that this market is rapidly changing. By comparing what different companies are offering, you can narrow your choices to find the best fit for your program. The process begins with understanding the intricacies of the methodology used in the health and wellness program software. An example could be considering if it is better to have a pin for a virtual prepaid debit card or a physical prepaid reward card? Should you start with a whole new software approach rather than integrating new software into your current system? Do you know what the software being used is and how it can be implemented? 

Virtual engagement is driving many of the new strategies in health and wellness software & technology, but the best and leading programs will offer organizations omnichannel capabilities. This means that you should be able to access health and wellness rewards and features through three main channels: online, mobile, and in-person. Omni-channel ability to do things is important because even though participant expectations have increased for online interactions, they have not lost their desire to have in-person options. 

If you don’t need a custom health and wellness software build, or are trying to minimize your investment into a health and wellness reward management system, you may want to ask if the potential health and wellness platform provider has out-of-the-box platforms that can integrate into your existing system. 

Some features to look for when comparing health and wellness program technology include:

  • Accessible dashboard view across multiple campaigns.
  • The ability to create, launch, and manage campaigns in real-time.
  • Instant recognition of participants
  • Centralize rewards and incentives, communication, statements, and reporting
  • The most desired, local rewards through a global catalog
  • Deliver relevant, personalized programming
  • Automated validation and payments
  • The ability to monitor and manage multi-lingual programming
  • Data privacy and security

Whether you are going to use a physical reward or an electronic reward, there is excellent functionality to both. Examining each will empower organizations to increase unique knowledge into the behavior of your participants – you can then cross-reference with statistical information to create profiles and better focus your efforts.

All Digital Reward’ administration programming, RewardSTACK™, offers a robotized simple-to-use satisfaction arrangement that incorporates our restrictive Reward REACH™ and Reward WIZARD™ API innovations. Also, RewardSTACK™ incorporates ADR’s contact center module, which empowers the client to have coordinate correspondences with their reward and motivation program respondents, streamlining client benefit forms and giving practical record administration. Regardless of whether you are awarding five clients or 95,000, we set the control back in your participant’s hands with moment access to hundreds of thousands of one of a kind prizes, including reloadable prepaid cards, such as our Live Well™ Debit Reward Card, personalized gift cards, and employee recognition gifts.

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