There are many different retention programs that a company can utilize to keep customers happy. Customers do have different needs, and it is important not to initiate a one size fits all retention program. Successfully retaining customers may need an incorporation of a variety of options based on your business and customer base. Here are some basic retention strategies to consider:

  • Appeasement: Reward customers for issues they have experienced
  • Frequency Purchase Bonuses: Increase the rate of customer purchases
  • Recognition: Rewarding top customers shows them you care.
  • Rewarding Self-Service: Reward customers for following instructions versus calling support.
  • Referrals: Reward them to recommend, tweet, or blog about your products and services

All Digital Rewards provides a variety of cost-effective case-based solutions in the form of a company-branded prepaid Visa®, or MasterCard® Rewards Cards. They can be in the form of a physical card or virtual pin code. They are specifically designed to help acquire, retain, or win back customers.