Start with the Basics – Promotion and Prize Strategy

Our turnkey prize fulfillment services begin with effective promotion and a rewarding strategy to create a unique and compelling program to align the brand image with the consumer audience and keep the process within budget. We take into consideration a variety of factors, starting with the value proposition of the brand, targeted demographics, strategic partnerships, and desired outcomes. We blend analytics with engagement to recommend an incentive strategy that best fits your promotion, rebate, and loyalty program goals.

Procurement, Fulfillment, Price Sourcing

We have a dedicated in-house rewards fulfillment service team that is truly passionate about prize sourcing and fulfilling, engaging, perfect prizes – over a million every year, by leveraging our network of prize and reward partners to procure just about anything. If you can think of it, we can find it or a partner who can provide it.

Promotion and Winner Administration

As part of our promotion and prize fulfillment services, we handle the winner selection process. Beginning with winner selection, validation and notification. We ensure both the brand, and its winners have an engaging and positive experience. The Winner Experience Team maintains program integrity and compliance when processing the prize claim forms, winner affidavits, and 1099 tax filings. They go above and beyond the basics to deliver a rewarding and engaging experience to every winner.

Customer Support

Customer service can be a brand’s most crucial touch point. Our mission is to turn promotion participants into brand advocates. Whether it’s timely answers to consumer questions, contacting winners, or managing winner prize claim documents, our commitment to customer service reflects our A+ Better Business Bureau rating – the highest in our industry.

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Support Services

Call Center Solutions

All Digital Rewards offers a wide range of call center services designed to help you create, cultivate and maintain your most precious asset—your customer relationships

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Direct Mail

We have everything you need to jump-start your direct mail campaign; creative, design, lists, printing, mail and handling, incentives, tracking, and analytics.

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Incentive & Prize Fulfillment

All Digital Rewards provides an experienced full-service team for procurement and fulfillment of incentive and prize promotions.

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Rebate Fulfillment

We believe that if the redemption process is easy, and the payment is quick that the long-term payoff is
substantially higher than the cost savings of unclaimed rebates.

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Reward Technology Solutions

All Digital Rewards’ SaaS solutions support the diverse set of technologies that integrate consumer and loyalty systems and processes quickly and cost-effectively.

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