Want Happy Sales Staff? Reward with Visa® Prepaid Cards!

BY Lucy Fang
Dec 08, 2016
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What do you need to add to your sales channel promotions to create excitement and increase engagement and response rates? Is your sales staff and distributors happy with your reward and incentive offerings and how they are delivered? How are you currently connecting with your sales downline? Are you up to date with the latest trends in Sales Channel programs? All Digital Rewards will help you answer these questions. To get you started, you must first be mobile friendly; that’s what our current clients love.

Let’s start with the largest consideration sales channel managers have: Is the sales channel program integrated into third party mobile applications? Through their phones, you can readily reach your sales staff and distributors in real-time. Every mover and shaker has a smartphone, and they are driven to do everything on these devices that we used to do at our desks just a short time ago. We check our email, research information, interact with clients, and check our Facebook or Instagram – all on our cell phones. In addition, staff and distributors are more in the know and accountable and have a sense of security knowing what is going on at the touch of a finger. So, if your company channel sales promotion isn’t mobile responsive you are missing out one of the most significant ways to interact with your sales downline! To stay modern, this is the way to go.

If you have your website and mobile interface all ready where’s the next place to focus? Well, your ROI of course. The reward incentive which can help you the most here is innovative Visa® prepaid card programs. For example, using a Virtual Prepaid Visa® as a reward is the perfect way to compensate instantly, cut down on some overhead from mailing and the actual cost of a physical card. The virtual Visa® rewards work great and allow your sales staff to shop from the privacy of their homes or even from their phones while having a latte at Starbucks! Who wouldn’t love that?!!

With this in mind, no program is going to be successful unless your sales downline is happy. You can spend a huge amount on incredible physical and experiential rewards but if your system is so convoluted and complicated that your end users can’t navigate successfully and redeem their points, tokens or digital codes then you have failed. Then your sales downline might let fellow participants know on company community boards or social media just how frustrated they are! So, why not take care of this right from the beginning and let All Digital Rewards work with you to keep your audience engaged and happy?

For more information on prepaid card rewards please follow this link: Prepaid Card Solutions

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