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Five Quick Tips For Choosing the best Enterprise Reward Solutions

Are you looking for what it takes to create, launch and manage a successful rewards program – Technology! Developing an effective rewards program strategy requires the best enterprise reward solutions. You need to think beyond what types of rewards are offered in your program. You need to find the right rewards program provider and management technology to ensure your program’s performance, ease, transparency, and success. It is every bit as important as selecting the right rewards to offer A fully custom technology solution that will work for your program’s needs is the best option, but it can be difficult to find something that fits both your need and your program’s budget. With a little effort shopping around, you can have a program management tool tailored to your specific program needs at an affordable price. The following is what you can expect from All Digital Rewards, a leading reward management technology provider, and what you should be on the lookout for when shopping around for other providers. The Must-Have’s: -The provider should be able to accommodate full Admin access for you and any other users that will need to get in to control the program. Your Own Branded Marketplace/Participant Portal -A […]

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What Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know About Planning Sweepstakes

Millions of people participate in sweepstakes every year. Brands know that they can use sweepstakes, both internally and externally, to engage and motivate participants. Sweepstakes can aid in market research, company health and wellness programs, recruitment, sales, and so much more. No matter what kind of program you’re running, there’s an easy way to integrate sweepstakes. Before you get started on your sweepstakes, there are some things you’ll need to know to be successful. Here are some lesser-known tips to keep in mind when putting together your company sweepstake.  Planning is essential in everything, and sweepstakes are no exception. This may seem elementary to you, but there are some unique elements you must keep in mind when planning sweepstakes.  Keep Your Participants In Mind Consider your participant demographics and interests. Make sure your sweepstakes will appeal to them, and that participation is not overly complicated. Make it an enjoyable experience from A to Z. Picking the Right Prizes Incentives need to fit your audience. You need your rewards to be valued as worth the time and effort it will take for participants to get a chance to win. Utilize Reward Technology  Using reward management technology and custom-tailored software to run […]

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Cash-Based Incentives Your Market Research Panel Will Love

Market research incentive programs are a staple when motivating your market research panelists. You can use an incentive program to maximize response rates from your market research panel, increase motivation, improve recruiting, and to create a positive culture. Choosing the right rewards and incentives ensures that your panelists will have the best experience with your market research program.  Our case studies have shown impressive returns on investment for companies that have implemented the right incentives for their market research panel incentive programs. Cash Equivalent Survey Incentives for market research participants are a popular choice among companies and their program participants. Panelists love cash-equivalent and cash-based incentives. These can include physical and virtual gift cards, VISA prepaid cards, checks, and so much more. Using digital cash-equivalent incentives allows you to save both time and money. Your participants can receive their rewards instantly, and you don’t have to go to the time, effort, or cost of mailing out individual checks to your participants. All Digital Rewards has an extensive catalog of digital reward offerings, to include name brand gift cards to your participants’ favorite stores.  Cash-based incentives can also be blended with merchandise. Blended incentive marketplaces often perform better than programs that […]

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