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Tag: Millennials

Market Research Strategies For Millennials & Gen Z

Market research panel programs constantly find themselves working with Millennials and, more recently, Generation Z (Gen Z). Finding ways to motivate these panelists and increase survey responses is a high priority in any successful market research strategy. Millennials are those born between 1981 and 1996. Gen Z members were born between 1996 and 2015, the […]

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Three Millennial Spending Secrets You Never Knew

10,000 Millennials turn 21 every day in America (Time). Millennials are the largest generation on our planet and, therefore, have the highest influence over norms, expectations, and behaviors. By 2018, Millennials will have the most spending power of any generation. As marketers are chasing the attention of this influential group, money and time are wasted […]

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Fear Not If You Use Gamification The Right Way!

Gamification is taking off. It is estimated that in 2016 $2.8 billion will be spent on gamification. 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified APP. And, 50% of organizations worldwide that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes. But, what is gamification? Gamification is the process of enhancing services with motivational […]

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Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Millennials?

Millennials are now 20 to 37 years old. There are roughly 78.6 million people in Generation Y. Nine out of 10 expect to match or exceed their parent’s economic circumstances. And, virtually all expect to own a home. A perfect target for marketers. But how do you target this group? To even begin to understand […]

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How to Earn Customers Back After a Poor Experience

Poor customer experiences (CX) are detrimental to a company’s reputation and sales. There is hope thanks to a new customer experience survey from the SDL. This study consisted of a survey of 2,784 consumers across nine countries and three generations, asking them about their most major CX failure in the last 10 years. In the […]

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