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Top Ten Examples of Successful Health and Wellness Incentive Program Strategies

Unless encouraged, many employees will have a hard time starting and continuing a healthy style of living. Habits are the most difficult things that we face as humans. Behind every successful health and wellness program is an incentive program meant to encourage participants to modify lifestyle behaviors that will lead them down a path resulting […]

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Guide To A Successful Health and Wellness Incentive Program

No health and wellness incentive promotion is foolproof without the proper wellness program strategy. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process as long as you cover the basics when setting up or making changes to an existing program. First and foremost, without a sufficient amount of participants in the program, the results will be […]

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10 Great Ways to Energize Your Health and Wellness Program

Are you looking to develop a health and wellness incentive program for your organization? Today’s loyalty program space is pretty vast, offering a broad range of participation incentives including prizes, cash, sell this get this, trips, etc. Developing a program with all the right components is essential to capture the attention of your employees and […]

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