Rewards and technology solutions for your B2B incentive programs

BY Lucy Fang
Jul 23, 2020
b2b incentive programs

The right rewards are essential to your business to business incentive programs. Not all rewards are valued the same, and the incentives that one person finds motivating might not be enough to inspire another’s action. The right rewards can promote b2b business opportunities and increase your ROI. There are several important questions to ask when looking for rewards that will motivate your B2B incentive program participants:

  • Is your program designed to engage participants’ physiological, social, and cognitive requirements? 
  • How frequently are rewards issued? 
  • What is the perceived value of the rewards?
  • How are the rewards delivered?

There is a popular theory of motivation that states that actions are often inspired by a desire to gain outside reinforcement. This incentive theory is one of the significant methods of motivation and suggests an eagerness for the addition of a reward to motivate behavior.

The more value the participant places on the reward, the more influential the incentive becomes. To be motivating, rewards must be obtainable. For example – a participant will not be motivated to reach their sales goals if the sales claiming and validation process is so complicated that it is not realistically achievable.

The best way to set up your B2B Incentive programs is to work with B2B loyalty and rewards experts who can custom tailor a solution for you. At All Digital Rewards (ADR) our incentive program experts can provide your organization with easy access to a best in class B2B rewards and incentives portfolio, a skilled engagement team to help strategize, design, develop, implement, and manage your incentive programs. Whether you need bulk gift cards, prepaid card virtual rewards, merchandise, experiential rewards, instant e gift cards, supporting technology for your reward programs, program administration, or something else altogether, ADR can provide the solution you need, custom-tailored to your requirements and supported by proprietary advanced incentive technologies.

All Digital Rewards is a leading provider of advanced incentive and prepaid transaction technologies. We offer simple & secure reward experiences, a massive selection of reward and incentive products, the services you need to help build your incentive program, and destinations for processing and payout. We leverage a cloud-based, innovative technology platform, and extensive reward incentive partner relationships. ADR leads the way in the field of Reward Management Technology and Incentive issuance. We are constantly evolving and optimizing the ways we serve our client customers and incentive supplier partners.

To learn more about how All Digital Rewards can provide you the right technology and reward solutions for your incentive program, contact us today! You can call us at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!