Reward Your Employees with an Employee Recognition Program

BY Lucy Fang
Feb 06, 2024
Reward Your Employees with Employee Recognition

Employee recognition programs are not just nice to have; they’re essential for any business. Not only is recognizing your employees’ contributions the right thing to do, but it’s also a business imperative.  

Across the country, employers are struggling to create workplaces where employees feel engaged with their work across the country. Just 32% of employees in the U.S. say they’re engaged with their work. Far worse, 18% of employees are actively disengaged with their work. And too often, this apathy emerges from a workplace culture in which employees feel as though their employer sees them as interchangeable. 

If companies do not act promptly to establish comprehensive employee recognition systems, they will pay a steep price. Employees who feel that their work is going unappreciated will flee for greener pastures where companies offer employee recognition programs that offer more than a mere pittance, and recruiting, hiring, and onboarding costs for your business will spiral. Those who remain will feel increasingly isolated, and their performance will decline precipitously. And customer service will deteriorate as apathetic employees struggle to see why they should go above and beyond at work. 

Your company needs to invest in programming that shows your employees every day that they are appreciated if you want to attract and retain top talent. That means that you should offer custom employee recognition programs that offer prizes that cater to the interests and aspirations of the individual rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Employee Recognition motivates employees

Why try and run all of your company’s employee recognition programs on your own when what your teammates want is an unmatched employee experience with All Digital Rewards? Earn points. That’s it. Employees love earning point-based rewards and other incentive rewards that they can spend on a wide range of prizes. Gift cards, corporate merchandise, or other products or services. Maybe cash bonuses, profit sharing, or additional paid vacation time. They respond, and know what they need to get to move to participate in points-based reward models.

All Digital Rewards’ wide-ranging rewards and incentives including our proprietary SaaS STACK™ solutions make it a true turnkey reward management solution for clients of any size to deploy employee recognition incentive programs large and small.

While your employees are enjoying point-based rewards for doing what they do best, you’ll receive unmatched visibility into exactly how your reward campaigns are performing. If you find that one of your campaigns isn’t moving the needle quite as far as you expected, our team can work with yours to build a reward mix that will see your company meeting its strategic workforce goals.

Performance Incentive Benefits:

  • Motivational Tool
  • Promotes Teamwork
  • Retain Top Talent
  • Boosts Morale
  • Measurable Results
  • Increases Service Levels

If you’re looking to upgrade your company’s employee recognition programs, call to talk with a rewards program expert today!