Participant-First Incentive Technology Selection

BY Lucy Fang
Jul 08, 2022
Participant-First Incentive Technology Selection - Blog Image ADR

Loyalty and incentive programs are a fantastic way for businesses to build relationships with their customers, partners, or employees. These programs provide a clear value exchange or a way for participants to earn rewards. It’s critical to build a program that achieves business objectives and effectively appeals to customer motivations. Determining reward incentives that will drive engagement & inspire program participation and making sure you have the right technology to support your program is essential to your success. 

Why you need the right incentive technology

While incentive programs are great for motivating participants and reaching your organization’s goals, not all incentive programs are created equal. Some incentive programs use outdated technology that is expensive and difficult to use. To be competitive, you need an incentive program technology solution that is affordable, easy to use, and effective.

When choosing an incentive program technology solution, it is important to consider the needs of your participants. The most successful incentive program technology solutions are those that are easy to use and that allows participants to track their progress and rewards. Ideally, you should look for technology that gives participants the ability to choose the rewards they want and also allows them to redeem rewards quickly and easily. 

When it comes to incentivizing program participants, the more immediate the participant receives the reward, the better. With the technological advances, we have today, there’s no reason participants shouldn’t be able to redeem rewards online, transacting in real-time. This is especially true with digital rewards. Participants expect digital rewards as soon as possible. While many programs are using digital rewards, they’re not always using them in the most effective way. In particular, many programs are not using mobile-first and responsive web services. This can lead to a poor user experience, as participants have to scroll through a lot of information on a small screen or use a clunky interface. Make sure the technology solution you choose will be effective for digital reward delivery.

Using a technology system that supports points-based incentive marketplaces can be a great option. Incentive points-based marketplaces are online platforms where participants can “shop” for rewards by using points as currency. These marketplaces usually operate by awarding points to participants for completing incentive program goals. 

All Digital Rewards’ global incentive platform software, RewardSTACK™ can simultaneously support client, customer, and employee incentive programs with the click of a mouse. The real-time loyalty and incentive management solution functions as a turnkey modular system supporting a single application incentive delivery program to a more comprehensive, long-term, feature-rich Platform solution that can easily be semi-customized and tailored to an individual client and project needs. 

If you would like to learn more about incentive platform technology and what All Digital Rewards’ SaaS STACK™ platform and our portfolio of single applications can provide in supporting your incentive program initiatives, call 866-415-7703 or click here to schedule a demo.