Instant Win Drawings Reduce Incentive Costs and Improve Panel Engagement


Every panel manager is faced with recruiting, surveying, engaging and retaining respondents. They are constantly looking for new promotions to deploy to drive respondent behavior to ensure that company and client stakeholders stay happy.  Common problems panel managers are faced with stale promotional offerings, a tight budget, and a disconnected user experience. When we hear this from marketers, the first thing we look at is the marketer employing games in their marketing mix and if they are how are they implementing the game within their program.

Incentive drawings are designed and deployed to impact consumer behavior and are meant to engage a panelist with an opportunity to win an offered high perceived value that is enticing enough to impact consumer behavior by increasing consumer engagement, build brand advocacy of your survey,  the client you are serving or your company. A well designed promotional drawing or sweepstakes will accomplish all of the above. However, there are pitfalls to be avoided.

Incentive drawings need to be carefully created, deployed and managed to avoid legal, operational and financial pitfalls.  Legal issues associated with a promotional drawing can have considerable ramifications. To avoid the considerable issues associated with drawings, it is often best to partner with an incentive marketing agency with expertise and experience in designing and managing promotional drawings. An effective incentive drawing does require a base level of volume.

To launch an effective incentive drawing program the reward mix must be attractive enough to impact behavior. Supporting a reward-mix of $5,000 requires either a willingness to pay for rewards well in advance of distribution and have the drawing play out over a long period of time or sufficient volume to burn through the drawing entries available in a considerably shorter window.

Table of Contents:

– Solution: GameSTACK™ & Reward WIZARD™

– Result: Dramatically Reduce Costs & Increase Engagement

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