Acquiring and Retaining Employees Through Incentive Programs

Acquiring and Retaining Employees Through Incentive Programs

BY Lucy Fang
Jul 17, 2021
Acquiring and Retaining Employees Through Incentive Programs

Every day businesses are trying to find effective ways to acquire and keep employees. Everyone has seen the articles talking about worker shortages. Both employee acquisition and retention are major priorities for businesses everywhere. A huge draw for many employees are the benefits offered by potential employers. Employee incentive programs can be an effective way to stand out from the competition. Employee incentive programs encourage loyalty among your current workers and entice new employees to seek out your company.

Employee incentive programs can include things like sweepstakes, points-based incentives, instant win games, or point of sale rewards. Each program should be tailored and branded for your company for maximum effectiveness and to encourage employees to connect with your company. The type of employee incentive program you choose will depend on your organization’s needs and goals. Each type of program engages employees in different ways.

Points-Based Programs

Points-based employee incentive programs allow your employees to earn points for engaging in behavior your company finds desirable. Using points-based technology, the points can then be spent by the employees on things like travel, e-gift cards, VISA® prepaid cards, and brand name merchandise. With the right technology, points-based loyalty programs can help to increase productivity and encourage healthy competition.


Sweepstakes programs are a great way to entice employees and generate excitement. Sweepstakes are especially good at creating excitement in employees and encouraging engagement. A well-executed sweepstakes program can be an excellent choice for companies.

Instant Win Games

Instant win games are incredibly useful in generating engagement. These games can be anything from a mobile phone scratch-off to a spin-to-win style game. Employees find these games fun and enjoy the instant gratification of knowing if they’ve won or not. Games allow your employees to have fun while engaging with your incentive program.

Regardless of what type of employee incentive program you choose to go with, it is essential to have a good reward management system and reward management software backing your program. Additionally, it is highly advisable to partner with a professional incentive agency that understands what it takes to execute an employee incentive program effectively. With the technology and know-how to make your employee incentive program a success, All Digital Rewards has everything you need for your next employee incentive program.

At All Digital Rewards, our expert team can help you design an employee incentive program that is well defined and deployed to your target audience through one of our dynamic, real-time STACK™ SaaS program management solutions. Our programs can be custom-tailored and branded to meet your company’s goals. If you would like to learn more about creating a successful employee incentive program to drive engagement and attract new employees, contact our incentive program experts by calling 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!