Not all loyalty programs are alike. All Digital Rewards offers many specific and customized solutions. From simple redemption programs where rewards are delivered by secured PIN/Link code that makes it easy for the end-user to choose their reward from a selection of your choice to a broad MarketPlace solution where virtual currency or points are managed and used by your end-user to “purchase” their reward. The All Digital Rewards’ platform can manage the delivery of most any digital, physical, or POS reward in a manner that correlates with the methods you require to drive the end user’s behavior in a favorable direction.


  • Expansive Rewards MarketPlace
  • Strategic Redemption Programs
  • Social Media Reward Solutions
  • Referral Programs
  • Deep Analytics
  • B2B2C Tiered Programs
  • Beacon Technology Solutions
  • Promotional Games Solutions
  • Liability Reduction

All Digital Rewards’ solutions also include social media structures, as well a small and large scale referral program and promotional games that light up the activity board in dramatic and fun ways! What are your rewards for your end user? How do you deliver those rewards in a secure and trackable method to know not only what but how the reward is being used? Is your POS reward system costing you more wallet keep than it used to? Is cash working against you more and more? Do you know this too late? ADR gives you solutions to these questions.