Today’s end-user expects engagement immediately and they want it to be correct the first time…good, or bad. If the end-user is instantly captivated, they might let a bad experience slide even if the engagement presented wrong. The data shows that if the delivery of engagement or result of the engagement that is immediate but not right, continued loyalty was over 75% ensured. If the delivery of the engagement was right but not immediate, continued loyalty was continually less than 65%. By missing both engagement and the delivery or even perceived to be missed, continued loyalty crashed at less than 30%. Customer retention in those cases and continued to drop in the following weeks no matter how good it was after the first event.

At All digital Rewards, we defined the golden rule of loyalty as RIGHT-NOW CX (Customer Experience). Provided the engagement is right now, when they want it, you have a good shot. Provided the engagement is the right engagement, you have a great shot to a longer-term relationship.

Maintaining connectivity with your customer requires a partner that can help ensure you meet the unspoken demand of being delivered Right and being delivered Right Now. The Customer Experience process must allow for “Right-Now” in all forms. It must also present itself in a way that the end user CAN access “Right-Now” which leads to Omni-channel approaches