Our API processes have evolved to a level where communication with almost any database is easily set up. The data that needs to be readable and editable, as well as other additional fields, will need to be explored and determined initially, but the processes is one we have done quite substantially and well.

The biggest determinations are most likely tied to where specific data is held and managed. Each case is different and with our experience, this is usually where we have feedback to help drive security, fraud, customer experience, and controls. To review our API information please let us know, we will gladly send our basic API documentation. This is the standard form that we build your processes from.

We also work with multiple companies to be able to integrate 3rd party software or provide 3rd party access securely. No matter what you need, our review of your programs, data, integration, etc, is taken with security as the priority and customer experience is next.

The seamless part of the integration process is where we work very hard to either be a complete part of your website, or in one way or the other, be viewed as your company. The end-user should never see anything other than you.