Most systems out there are set up as an out of the box solution. This is how you get stuck.

We spent several years defining what we wanted to accomplish and in that time we found that it was much more important to be able to switch up and change or adjust to the market than it was to have a simple box solution. The trouble was making sure it was easy. So we scrapped it.

Starting from scratch allowed All Digital Rewards to focus on developing a modular application solution built around your needs. Each app is made up of segments that can be utilized or left out. They can be moved around, rearranged, replaced, started, stopped, remembered, forgotten, and removed. It’s just like a Lego house. You have a foundation, but the walls and rooms can be built how you want to build it.

By being able to build by section and change each section on the fly, this means that you can be up and running with a custom solution in no time and at a much greater savings than the out of the box solution; and this is your solution, not ours, not theirs, but yours. In developing these sections and modules for this platform, we did not use the waterfall method, but an agile method of development.

All modules are constantly being reviewed for effectiveness. Your conversations and interaction drive how we review these items. When there needs to be an adjustment done, its done without disrupting your respondents. Module additions, removals, or updates do not affect your processes. We are Dynamic, Flexible, and Effective.