Getting instant access to the analytics you need for your loyalty program allows you to see in real-time what is and is not working and facilitates adjustment with quantifiable data in a proactive method rather than a reactive method. This increases your ROI significantly while at the same time increasing your wallet keep, retention, and driving your cost down.

Our deep analytics plug-in is one of the most advanced and meaningful programs for online tracking and end-user knowledge. This is a tremendous tool to know so much more about what your end-user is doing online, looking at online, which competitors they are visiting, and what about those competitors they are looking at. The depth and nature of this program is such that the return on intelligence allows for seriously progressive management of your programs to drive that end user to your door and away from other doors. Specifically, this is the one tool you want to be the benefactor of rather than your competitor.

  • Data Point Management
  • Reporting Configurations
  • Real-Time Results
  • Real-Time Activity
  • Proactive Management
  • End-User Intelligence
  • End-User Behavior Management