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Participants view gift card rewards like cash, no one can resist them; everyone can use them. They can engage customers, partners, employees, or motivate the sales team easily and quickly with little to no explanation. All Digital Rewards’ (ADR) incentive specialists help you pair the right the gift card rewards with your program and audience to ensure measurable responses in your marketing initiatives.  Our flexible management technology, RewardSTACK™ helps turn your reward program into a powerful tool for increasing revenue and performance.

ADR offers gift cards from over 175+ popular stores and name brands. Participants can use their gift cards on a new HDTV, home improvement, or to get their morning latte from their favorite coffeehouse.

If your program needs to include integration into an existing CRM and a seamless user experience, our reward API, Reward WIZARD™, will give you easy access to a highly responsive end-to-end complete solution.

Call the team at ADR and we will help guide you to select the right prepaid card product to best match your corporate incentive objectives, in turn, this will help drive the behavior of your end user to achieve the best result at a cost you can afford.

For more information on our QUICKPICK™ gift card mall and the extensive offering of top brand gift card suppliers, our STACK™ SaaS platform applications that support them can benefit your incentive program initiatives, call 866-415-7703 now or click on the button below to schedule a demo.


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