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Leverage the Power of Discount Fuel Rewards

At All Digital Rewards, we’re changing the way consumers save on fuel by dropping fuel costs instantly at the gas pump. By partnering with top fuel brands we can offer instant fuel savings with our Discount Fuel Rewards program across the country at thousands of gas stations. Tie it to an existing loyalty program or use it for a stand-alone promotion. Reward your favorite prospects and customers by giving instant pump discounts – available in varying denominations as physical cards or digital codes. A perfect gift to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Retain loyal followers
  • Increase average sales
  • Increase average transactions

Leverage the power of Discount Fuel Rewards with your next incentive program to drive repeat business and new customers into your door.



    • Almost everyone buys gas once a week
    • People drive out of their way to save on gas
    • Simple delivery – mobile, email, physical card
    • Easy to understand and redeem
    • Low cost and affordable
    • Access to technology to track and report

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