Everyone celebrates anniversaries, whether it’s a friendship, romance, or even a birthday! We love to celebrate milestones and achievements, so, why would you not do the same for service anniversaries?

Service anniversaries recognize your employees’ work and efforts and increase a positive relationship with the people who work for you. Employee engagement impacts your bottom line and high levels of employee engagement can boost productivity and profitability by 20% or more. Recognizing your employees’ hard work can boost morale and tells your employees that they are valued. Recognizing service anniversaries also contributes to talent retention. These acknowledgments can be quantitative or qualitative, for example, if someone has been with the company for 10 years or maybe they reached a sale goal of $100,000. When you engage your employees you are giving them your maximum effort and productivity increases significantly with the most satisfaction for the employee.

Let All Digital Rewards find the right program for you to recognize and celebrate your employees and all they do for you.