Acquiring and enticing customers is an everyday marketing challenge businesses face and a high priority endeavor. Marketing programs are key to achieving these goals. Branded and customized cards are both an effective and cost-efficient tool for a customer retention, acquisition, or win-back program strategy development.

Whatever your reseller needs may be, All Digital Rewards’ Engagement Solutions can help you increase your product & service offerings. Partnering with us gives you access to fully customized and designed customer reward cards for national marketing campaigns, branded cards for an employee wellness clients, or simple basic reward cards for clients one-time holiday gifting. All Digital Rewards’ Engagement Solutions has the RIGHT prepaid solution for you.

Make sure the reward amount does not exceed the traditional acquisition costs per customer.
To entice the person to take action on your offer, the reward amount selected has to be motivating enough.
With the right partner understanding what reward to select, and in what amount should not be a
difficult or lengthy process
All Digital Rewards provides a variety of cost-effective case-based solutions in the form of a company-branded prepaid Visa® or MasterCard® Rewards Cards. They can be in the form of a physical card or virtual pin code. They are specifically designed to help acquire, retain, or win back customers.