Living Well Reward™
Health Rewards Cards

Live well. Earn rewards. Be happy.

Go beyond the traditional health reward card with a Living Well Health Reward™ card – All Digital Rewards shares your commitment to your participants’ health and wellness. That’s the very reason why we created a reward program that allows your participants to earn rewards for taking care of what is important – their health and wellness! With our Living Well Reward™ card you are able to reward those who take their health and wellness seriously when they complete healthy behaviors.


Not only can the reward card be used at qualifying locations, but with our vast experience in offering reward merchandise online we are able to tailor an experience to meet member participant behavior and expectations with an online Marketplace to include qualifying products and services for a frictionless online shopping experience along with a card that can be used at brick and mortar stores.

Benefits of a Health Reward Program

  • Helps individuals and families make healthy choices
  • Encourages survey responses
  • Reduces elevated health risks
  • Productivity benefits to employers
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Can improve employee recruitment and retention
  • Builds employee morale
  • Overall cost savings to the health system

Each time Member participants complete a specific check-up, screening, or wellness visit, a cash reward is added to their individual Living Well Reward™. It works like a debit card, so it can be used like cash. Their Living Well Reward™ card comes with a pre-paid balance that increases automatically for certain healthy habits.

Living Well Health Reward™ Card
Qualifying Health-Related Purchases
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