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Tag: ROI

How to Create a Successful Channel Partner Incentive Program

First, it is essential to understand what channel incentive programs are and why they are crucial to a successful company’s marketing strategy. An underdeveloped and poorly implemented program can underwhelm important partner channels that are vital to you meeting company business objectives. It is surprising how brands fail to consider or successfully execute an indirect go-to-market […]

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Incentive Program Strategies: Fact-finding and involvement

The first step to building an incentive program strategy is to conduct internal research on business operations, current customers, employees, and competitors. Incentive programs are always more effective if you can get input from members of your participant audience. Try and get feedback on the rules, rewards, and any other aspects of the program that […]

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The Building Blocks of a Successful Panel Loyalty Program

Panel loyalty programs increase research firms’ panelist retention, survey frequency, and panelist acquisition programs, making them foundational in increasing your research firm’s profitability and revenue. An effective panel incentive program can build brand advocacy and increase the lifetime value of the panelists. The four basic building blocks when creating an effective panel loyalty program strategy […]

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How to Offer the Right Panel Incentives with Great ROI

No matter how popular your panel is, if you can’t create an incentive program in a cost-effective manner then you just won’t make a good return on your investment. When your manufacturing facility is not producing the profit margins that you desire you’ll need to look around for some ideas that make sense to improve […]

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