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7 Common Causes of Rebate Prepaid Card Program Failures

Rebate prepaid card programs are always a popular choice. Because they are both effective and popular, many industries try to set up these programs for their customer incentives. However, it can be a struggle for companies because they can easily make major errors that cause their card and reward programs to be inefficient and frustrating to customers. Take the example of a mail-in rebate of $40 on a $50 video game. Only $10 for the newest edition and you think to yourself, “I need that.” So you buy the game and mail in the rebate as quickly as you can. Months go by and you don’t receive your rebate check. You write letters and make calls, but no luck. There could be a thousand possible reasons the company didn’t send that check, but they’ve lost you as a customer. This is just one of many examples of a failed rebate program. To help you out, we’ve put together 7 of the most common reasons your rebate program can fail.  There are many different strategies to begin a prepaid card rebate program.  Is your system manual or automated? Is your only reason to use rebates for the breakage or slippage? Rebates […]

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