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Pros and Cons of Implementing a Points-Based Loyalty Program

Marketers are constantly searching for new ways to attract and retain customers. Often, this involves using tried and true loyalty marketing methods. From offering discounts on popular items to “buy-one-get-one-free” sales, marketing professionals typically stick with what works. However, these approaches can be costly. If the boost in sales doesn’t make up for the lost […]

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Points-Based Incentive Programs

Whether for health and wellness, loyalty, channel partners, market research or something else, there are many different ways to set up incentive programs. One of the more useful tools for incentive programs is issuing points as “virtual currency”, which allows participants to keep track of their earned benefits. Typically, users receive points for reaching preset […]

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How to Use Incentives to Increase Your Net Promoter Score

A common metric for measuring customer loyalty and predicting business performance is the net promoter score. Many businesses are intimately familiar with this metric and work hard to get a good score. One way to improve your NPS is through the use of incentives. Let’s start with how to measure your NPS. The NPS is […]

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