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Online Customer Engagement? It’s Simple If You Do It Smart

A total of 52% of Web traffic to retail sites currently comes via smartphones and tablets, according to IMRG and Capgemini. Over a third (36%) of online sales are now completed on a smartphone or tablet device. This signals that sales are rising online, and sales are increasing online for mobile purchases versus the traditional face-to-face or in-store payment methods. Users are reaching out in the quickest, most efficient way to make their purchases. Customer loyalty and customer engagement are necessary for businesses today to grab those online viewers’ attention and pull in new sales. But, the end goal is changing just a bit. Instead of only making that sale, businesses today must earn customer loyalty to drive recurring sales. Ultimately, customer advocacy is where the true value of your brand lies with the consumer. Are your customers recommending you via social media networks? Is your company ready to keep up? Analyzing your audience takes research, knowledge of your company base, and a full understanding of your product or service. Nobody can afford to target everyone anymore. Break your niche down. Put your time, money, and efforts towards the group with the highest chance of purchasing. By targeting your audience […]

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