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Picture Your Amazing Loyalty Card Promotions On Top

Customer Loyalty Card Promotions have changed dramatically within the last few years. While it is obvious that innovative customer card programs help businesses drive sales and revenue, choosing those cards that are engaging enough is still a mystery. Marketers often think about questions such as, what will bring your customers in? And, what actions need to happen once they have a foot in your door? One of the top customer loyalty promotions is loyalty card incentives and payment promotions. Payment promotions are different and unique ways to pay for items. Imagine your customer quickly paying with the swipe of their mobile device or even within your site based on earned points and funds. Businesses often give coupons and money back to loyal customers. Imagine taking that digital. It would spread like wildfire. Read on for the top three loyalty promotions of 2016. Prepaid promotions are, currently, the most common customer engagement incentive used in the U.S. Businesses can put their logo on the card and hand them out as they please because this is not a credit card. Prepaid cards are loadable by the customer and help with budgeted spending and quick and easy payments. Mobile payments are the payments […]

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