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Why Participant Happiness is the Key to Your Loyalty Program’s Success

What do your participants think of you? No matter what kind of rewards program you’re running, this question is important. This is the moment you throw out all the advice you ever heard about not caring what other people think about you. In the business world, people’s opinions can make or break you. According to […]

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Visa® Prepaid Card Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Visa® prepaid incentive cards can help your company drive efficiency and lower costs.  If you are currently using checks to reward your customers imagine being able to save thousands of hours in processing time and lowering costs by more than 30%.  You will also decrease the payment and delivery time thus making your clients happier […]

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Personally Engage your Customers

  Only 28% of consumers are loyal to their providers and brands. Now more than ever, companies are struggling to retain customers and have them returning time after time. With customer experience being the big ticket word, companies forget that part of the customer experience is engaging the customer and making them feel important. Brand […]

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