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Top Technology Trends in Loyalty Program Development For 2018

Good news for program managers – loyalty technology continues to evolve making their jobs more convenient, but are they considering technology enhancements that keep pace with today’s customers’ expectations? Loyalty program development innovation is more critical than ever, and finding new ways for brands to focus on delivering seamless experiences and the when and where their best customers want them will always present challenges. In a recent webinar, Creating the Right Loyalty Technology Solution, Kathryn Felke, CEO of All Digital Rewards, spoke of the innovative ways loyalty technology can be developed to collect and analyze loyalty data to create long-lasting experiential moments, and to keep loyalty members engaged in real-time driving a better more profound relationship and consumer value. Consumer behavior continues to shift between the ever-evolving online and offline channels, placing marketers under increasing pressure to establish long-term relationships based on customers behavior and preferences – and then to leverage the acquired member data to drive a personalized experience. Think of this process as a closed loop cycle that the member engagement produces more than enough data that will yield insights enabling a brand to create experiential moments and interactions that hopefully will trigger more member engagement, advocacy, and […]

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