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Exploring Health and Wellness Program Types. Incentive and Reward Program Series 2

  There are four primary types of health and wellness incentive programs. In a previous post, we explored type 1 programs. In this second post in our Incentive and reward program series, we will be reviewing type 2 health and wellness incentive programs: Health Plan-Related Participatory Programs. Type 2 Health Plan-Related Participatory Programs require all participants to be enrolled in the sponsoring company or organization’s health care plan prior to participating in the program. Additionally, all rewards from a type 2 program are awarded when an employee participated in the program. Rewards are not based on the results of the employee’s participation. Type 2 programs can include rewards for things like attending tobacco cessation classes, participating in a group exercise program, getting a cholesterol level check, or getting a flu shot. Rewards for these short of participation programs will often be tied to the employee’s health care plan and the rewards can include things like lower copayments or premium holidays. In many cases, these type 2 programs may include medical care. Medical care includes care that is both provided by a trained professional and individualized to the participant. Medical care can include flu shots administered by a nurse, counseling from […]

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